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After all, we have to survive. Chaos is given to us besides our will and entices us with two robes. This is either past experience or future chance.

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We perceive, feel, and recognize chaos in our We perceive, feel, and recognize chaos in our past experience and our future chance. Little by little, we began to realize that the tools to survive in a world of chaos could be only our past experience and our future chance. Both the experience and the chance are generated by chaos, they are both chaotic. The chaotic state of the chance, we used to call randomness. But the chaotic state of the experience, we have not yet managed to call a stable philosophy word.

So the chaotic state of experience is the experience. We firmly connect a future chance and a frequency. We are used to measuring a chance by its frequency. But frequency can also measure our past experience. Thus, frequency is a characteristic not only of future chance but also a characteristic of past experience. Therefore, on completely reasonable grounds, the frequency can be considered as an attribute of chaos. Usually, we talk about random numbers, when we associate them with the future chance, therefore there is no reason to keep silent about the experience numbers, linking them with past experience.

In both cases, we are talking about chaotic numbers. In my opinion, if we want to analyze chaos from two dual points of view, chaotic numbers should be a general term for random numbers in the future chance and for experience numbers in the past experience. The theory of experience and chance [1], which I proposed to describe chaos, involves two dual logics of analysis of the future chance and the past experience. These dual logics rely on the new dual axiomatics, which includes the Kolmogorov axiomatics of probability theory, as one of the dual halves, and in which the dual axiom of the past experience is compared to the Kolmogorov axiom of the future chance [2].

A Personal Formal Methods Archive. A personal archive of material related to formal methods has been deposited at Swansea University by the author in This paper documents the contents of the archive and includes associated publications. The archival material forms The archival material forms part of a larger History of Computing Collection founded by Prof. John Tucker at Swansea in and held at the University. It is hoped that this paper can aid future archivists with placing the material in context. View Comments. In two files: Part I pp. Computational Philosophy as Experimental Philosophy.

Since the development of software such as The Logic Theory Machine in or The General Problem Solver in the relationship between computers and philosophy has been viewed as a formal, and theoretical one. Computers offered a way Computers offered a way to implement and test theoretical philosophical models on language, thought, or methodology.

This paper presents experimental philosophy as an alternative methodological framework to understand the relationships between computers and philosophy. In today's world, people using smart phones have increased rapidly and hence, a In today's world, people using smart phones have increased rapidly and hence, a smart phone can be used efficiently for personal security or various other protection purposes. Women Security is a major concern in the current scenario and this Android Application for the Safety of Women tries to prevent the threats that might be occuring to women.

The app can be activated by a single click, whenever need arises to alert the people associated with the woman. A single click on this app identifies the location of place through GPS and sends a message comprising this location URL to the registered contacts to help the one in dangerous situations. Continuous location tracking information via SMS helps to find the location of the victim quickly and she can be rescued safely.

Emergency medical response in India is lagging behind other countries. This is partially because of lack of technology implementation at ground zero. To address the issue, we are introducing smart ambulance system.

Top 16 international Computer Science journals — a Template guide

It would take India to It would take India to competitive position in emergency services around the globe. Over the last few years, there is a revolutionary development in the field of Internet of Things IoT. This also requires a lot of hard work and time consumption to complete the task. Such situations may include human errors. In4 this existing system, the security of the information is also a risk. All the records are stored manually and it is not easy to prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

As a result, the security of these records is always a challenging task. Maintaining all the expenses in a paper is highly difficult in this busy world. Keep remembering our each and every expense also impossible. To overcome this problem, an application called "My Disbursement" can be used by the users.

This project helps to manage their daily accounts using Android Application. By this project, so many activities are connected in one single application.

Top Ten Computer Science Education Research Papers of the Last 50 Years Recognized

Authentication process is done through user name and password for getting separate ID. User can use this ID to access their own database. This project will be laid-back to maintain our monthly and daily expenses. The job details of the placed students will be The job details of the placed students will be provided by the administrator. The project provides the facility of maintaining the details of the students and gets the requested list of candidates for the company who would like to recruit the students based on given query.

It also allows the students to register for viewing the specified details and also allows placement officer to upload the details about the student and company details. It intends to help ensures the details of the student. The objective of this project is to maintain the selected student information in the college with regard to placement is managed efficiently.

It also allows the faculty and student to view the company's facilities and also helps to provide a facility of maintaining details of students along with the placement records of the colleges. The project will provide maximum optimization, abstraction and security along with minimum manual work. This project is aimed at developing a Time Table Generator for Colleges. Timetable generation is a very well known problem that is faced in every educational institution. The problem actually occurs when there are clashes among the The problem actually occurs when there are clashes among the preferences given by the staffs.

Colleges are supposed to make time tables for each semester which used to be a very tedious and pain staking job. Student is eligible for viewing his timetable once they are finalized for a given semester. Staff also is eligible for viewing Staff timetable once they are finalized for a given semester and Class Allot. The objective of the Time Table Allotment for any department project was to develop an application that enables allotment subject to staff as well as classes for students. Related Topics. Artificial Intelligence. Follow Following.

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Human Computer Interaction. MANET stands for mobile ad hoc network. It is an infrastructure-less network with mobile devices connected wirelessly and is self-configuring.

It can change locations independently and can link to other devices through a wireless connection. Instead, the nodes directly send packets to each other. It is also a relatively new concept in the field of computer science and is a technique of guiding computers to act in a certain way without programming.

It makes use of certain complex algorithms to receive an input and predict an output for the same. There are three types of learning;. Machine Learning is closely related to statistics. If you are good at statistics then you should opt this topic. Data Mining is the process of identifying and establishing a relationship between large datasets for finding a solution to a problem through analysis of data. There are various tools and techniques in Data Mining which gives enterprises and organizations the ability to predict futuristic trends.

Data Mining finds its application in various areas of research, statistics, genetics, and marketing. Following are the main techniques used in the process of Data Mining:.

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Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence shown by machines and it deals with the study and creation of intelligent systems that can think and act like human beings. In Artificial Intelligence , intelligent agents are studied that can perceive its environment and take actions according to its surrounding environment. Turing Test is used to check whether a system is intelligent or not. Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. Following are the types of agents in Artificial Intelligence systems:.