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Our goal is to have one of, if not the, premier writing contests for teens and college students. Thanks, Eric 2 Our lead High School Contest Editor, Michelle, wrote: Finalists, not winners, are often selected on two main things: the prompt and the number of submitters. For instance, in the May writing contest about Teen Pregnancy, the answers as to why the pregnancy rates were lower was obvious enough, and we had over half of the submitters talk about contraceptives and sex ed.

So the finalists we selected were based on creativity and uniqueness of topic, not necessarily strong writing. However, in a contest like the June prompt about Nature, we saw a lot of creative and personal stories. This does not mean, however, that just because you write well you are selected as a finalist. And strong writing doesn't mean using language that you wouldn't use in everyday conversation. Although somewhat subjective and arbitrary, we're always looking for stories that "pop" - or stand out.

This was especially true in the Feb. So to answer the question Michelle We share these letters so that the teachers, professors, parents, and students participating in our national writing contests understand how we judge the essays. We are passionate about providing a world-class essay contest for high school students and college students, and we look forward to your questions or comments at any time. Contact Us. What's New? Writing Contests.

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    • Speaking different languages opens new worlds and lets us see the world with different eyes. Learning a foreign language is a gift that keeps giving as it opens doors to people's hearts. Explore our wonderful world and share your insights with us when you submit your short essay. Join our annual writing competition on Kids-World-Travel-Guide. Write about your experiences, insights and favourite language learning tips and let all know what makes your language so special!

      Be creative! And keep it positive, tell us about all the wonderful insights you have about your language or travel experience and wish others would know about. The Essay has to be submitted in English, but may include words or phrases in a foreign language. Essay has to be submitted in English, but may include words or phrases in a foreign language. Please spread the news about our new essay competition for buddying writers and young travellers. Looking forward to receiving all the wonderful essays from your students and children! Here are some q uestions to start with when reflecting on languages:.

      Here is a famous Chinese proverb about language which might provide you with some ideas for your essay entry:. Writing Competition Entry Fee: None. Only online entries on separate writing competition form are accepted. Entries open until 1 November See form below or click here. The best essays in each category of the writing competition will be published on Kids-World-Travel-Guide.

      The winning essays are also great publicity for your school, so let your teacher or headmaster know about this valuable and free opportunity to spread the word. The 'The gift of Languages' competition is open to pupils in schools worldwide as well as homeschooling students. Learners taking part in the competition must fall into one of the two categories, ages 8 - 11 years and 12 years.

      7 Annual Writing Contests for Kids

      Pupils also can apply but must be in possession of parental consent. When will the stories be judged, and how are they judged? Stories will be judged April through early May, Stories are judged on originality, creative expression, storytelling, illustrations, and overall impression. Some things that make a story special include colorful art; a unique story; a story with a good beginning, middle, and end; illustrations that match the story; attention to details; and following the contest rules.

      How will I know if my story won? Houston Public Media will notify finalists and winners by email and, if needed, by phone. The names of finalists and winners will be posted on the contest webpage by May 22, Will my story be returned to me? We will try, but are not required, to return your story to you or your school. We will do our best to make this happen.

      Certificates and stories will be returned to home addresses if they are individual entries and to schools if they are school entries.