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The influence that society has on a person's spirit is stronger than anyone would like to admit, and even the broadest categorization of humans are made by our society. Race is not biological. It is a social construct. There is no gene or cluster of genes common to all blacks or all whites. Yet, a person who could be categorized as black in the United States might be considered white in Brazil or colored in South Africa.

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This proves the idea that society has created broad guidelines for people's lives. Log in to post a comment. Log In.

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In my advanced essay 3 I wanted to drive home the idea that finding yourself is just a man made concept. I thought I would go against the grain on this essay and think about it totally different in that hard work is what makes your "self. I think I did this really well through good execution and finding supporting evidence for my thesis of creating yourself. And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening work ethic. You know, while the other guy's sleeping? I'm working. This correlates with creating yourself because he was not blessed with a destiny, and did not wait to find himself, instead he worked hard to make his average talent great.

When you are old enough to think for yourself, you began to challenge all ideas. I believe that society constructs people's feelings of identity and belonging by years of watering down what is normal. Society holds a lot of power in some people's eyes. But no matter who you are, there are repercussions of the opinions of others. Why is this piece creating a calamity in the mind? Why is this piece so eccentric?

These questions arose with the piece I chose. As I looked around the room I could not find anything that gave me an awe feeling;…. Overall, this was the greatest impact on me that came out of the divorce.

Other people may think my life has been perfect all along, because I hold myself together so well. It was October three days after I turned fifteen during my freshman year of high-school that I would end my life, to ease the pain of going every day. I was in the bathroom with a razor blade; I already made two or three cuts on my wrists at the time.

Finding Myself free essay sample - New York Essays

Finding Hope I have nights were I am often silent when I am screaming inside. Times like that led me to one place, and one place only. The hospital can be a horrifying situation to be in. There were locks on every cabinet in sight, and the chairs were almost impossible to move, that way when the voices inside took over, nobody could…. Accepting Myself Image Women get advertised for their body, face, hair etc.

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To reflect on my self image I started with a 6 foot butcher paper, asked someone to draw my outline, and then reviewed my body. My hair is….

Essay on Finding Yourself

That motives me that if a local villager boy can come up with such a beautiful idea, I can do something…. Login Join. Home Page finding myself Essay. Open Document. Discovering Myself Growing up, I did not know who or what I wanted to be as a person. I was always in a rush to find myself. Having this happen at such a young age, I was determined to accomplish the goals I had set and work hard for the career I wanted. My goals were to finish high school, graduate, and start on my career path in the medical field to become a pediatrics nurse.

After losing myself in the beginning of high school, I decided it was time to get my act together and bring up my grades. I used to think that having a lot of friends was the best thing in school. In reality, having a small circle of friends who motivate you and push you to achieve your goals was actually a better aspect.

I changed my ways as to how I went about school, and I became more focused in my classes. I organized my time wisely and made sure school was my number one priority.

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No one was there to walk me through my accomplishments in high school, besides some of my teachers of course. One teacher in particular was Mrs. She was by far one of my favorite teachers because she always helped me better myself by keeping me focused on my schoolwork.

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She made the biggest impact on me because she was one of my many teachers who wanted to see me become successful in my high school career and watch me grow as a person. I could always count on Mrs. Moreno on being there for me whenever I required her time and attention. She was young, intelligent, and a very sympathetic person.