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These Television essay have been written using the simple vocabulary and easy to understand sentences. After going through the essays you would know — what is television; when and who invented it; how a television acts as a medium of education; is the television a boon or a bane; is television corrupting the minds of youth; what are the advantages and disadvantages of television, is television better than books, is television harmful to the society, etc.

Today a television is found in almost every house across the world. The rich, the poor all have it and it is one of their most entertaining possessions.

However, the television that we see today is completely different from its predecessor in a number of ways. The first televisions were very basic and started appearing in the early s. Though, they were rudimentary and worked purely on mechanical principles. The concept involved scanning an image and then transmitting it onto a screen.

Violence On Television Affects Children Negatively Media Essay

A major breakthrough came when the mechanical scanning system was combined with a cathode ray tube in by a Russian Boris Rosing and English A. Campbell Swinton. He used radio wave technology to remotely transmit images to a device with screen. His technology was way ahead of mechanical TV concept. Today, the television has become most important household equipment, so much so that it is almost impossible to spot a house without a television set.

It is great for entertainment purpose and could be really informative too, but also has certain disadvantages like addiction, explicit and violent content, social and psychological effects on a person etc. Television could really be a great source of education if only informative and knowledge based channels are viewed or subscribed. There are various channels which offer educational programs for school and college going students. There are also tutorial channels based on specific subjects for the students.

A television has a variety of educational programs to cater to a variety of audiences. It has educational programs for the children, the young and also the old. The role of television in education building has been acknowledged by many countries around the world. It is used as a tool for effectively teaching both formal and non formal education.

Violence on Television Essay

A television could be synchronized with school curriculum and used to teach a specific subject. It could be effectively impart skills, provide vocational training and other necessary cultural and civic education, when used properly. You just need to switch to educational section in your television and choose from a number of tutorial programs in Physics. Despite subject oriented programs, a television offers various other non formal education programs which enhance your overall knowledge on issues other than subject matter. To state a few examples History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and various other science based Channels do a great deal of imparting education.

The role of television in education building is being widely accepted across the world. The availability of television even in some of the remotest corners of the globe is an added advantage for education through television. People, who lack the access to formal education or school concept, have a glimmer of hope in television educational programs. Television is an audio visual machine which provides entertainment in the form of various programs, transmitted through air, in the form of radio signals, to be received by your Television.

Violence on Tv

Books on the other hand have no electronics involved and have printed pages, to be read by their prospective Reader and are also aimed at conveying some useful information or entertaining him. Both, books and television are two different modes of information exchange, aimed at providing useful or sometimes bogus information to the user and entertaining him. But the environment in which they are used and the effect that they have on their respective users are totally different. Television in a normal household is generally placed at common place-a place where the family, friends or visiting relatives gather.

People meet in front of Television, to watch their favorite shows, or to just listen lazily to the News. Whatever the reason may be, TV is only a short term entertainment option which does not provide you much useful information except when you are listening to News. Reading Books is like a spiritual exercise, which satisfies your desire to be entertained in a silent but effective way.

Watching Television on the other hand, after sometime will leave you stressed, looking for peace and silence. TV slowly drains your inner peace and tranquility, leaving you stressed and flabbergasted. Whatever the TV does to you, Books do just the opposite. Reading a favorite Book in silence sitting on your favorite chair will relax your soul and mind, and the more you read, the more you will feel content and informed.

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If a question- Is Television better than books? I will always choose to silently read my favorite book in my favorite environment, rather than watching Television amid noise and commotion. Today, the television is found in billions of houses the world over. With such immense popularity and acceptability television has also hugely influenced individuals and even societies. In this essay we will discuss on the boon and bane factors of the television, ending with conclusion.

Television, when properly used is a vast sea of knowledge and information as well as the best source of entertainment. There are a number of ways to justify the usefulness of television in our lives. First of all, it is the most primary and most popular source of entertainment. It provides a number of entertainment programs, ranging from daily soaps, singing and dancing competitions, news channels, movie channels, science and fiction channels, business channels, automobile channels and lot more.

Moreover, you can view these channels in the language of your choice. Apart from being entertaining, television is also a tool to gain education and information. There are various channels based on subject matters for school and college going students as well as for the students of PhD level. There are also a number of NEWS channels running live news from various corners of the world, covering every significant political, social and educational event. A Television set provides all of this useful information in the comfort of our homes, thus proving that television is a boon to humanity.

Despite of all the advantages that make television a boon to human race, there also are certain traits of television which could make it really annoying. Speak of the television as annoying and the first thing that flashes through our minds is noise. The sound of a highly emotional soap opera coming from the next room when you are trying to study or sleep could be quite frustrating and annoying.

Moreover, a television also transmits adult and violent programs which could be really misleading for youngsters. Exposure to such malicious contents impacts the personality and social skills of the youngsters, often making them arrogant, hostile, corrupt, violent and socially obscure. Also, addiction to television is an added disadvantage which along with the mentioned effects makes television a bane to humanity. With regards to the above explanation, it is established that television is both a boon and bane to the humanity. How we use the television makes all the difference between it being a bane or boon.

Television is an audio visual device which entertains you through various visual programs transmitted through air. The information that it provides is not always useful, however that depends on the user to a larger extent. Television since its inception has a vast affect on Civilization, ranging from health to sociological and sometimes psychological.

violence on tv Essay

Though it is a source of information, the incessant use of Televisions has led to many medical conditions and a drastic change in the social fabric. Watching TV closely or for longer duration also results in tired eyes, headache and lost concentration. In past few years there has been a reported increase in the number of children suffering from visual disorders, lost concentration and headache as a consequence of watching TV.

Apart from injuring their eye sight, TV slowly makes them inactive turning them into introverts. Instead of going out and playing, mingling with other children, making new friends, they sit motionless and watch TV for hours.

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  • The effect that the TV has on their overall persona is not very hard to imagine. Television basically transforms fun loving, outgoing, little enthusiastic wanderers into dumb, visually impaired and introvert kids. The TV ahs also affected the society in the same manner as it has affected the kids.

    Suddenly, in a crowded room everyone felt alone. As the Twin Towers vanished before our very eyes, so did our sense of security and protection. We watched with shock and horror, disbelief and grief as the images were repeatedly flashed before our eyes.

    There was no escape. Every television channel and every.

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    • Television Perpetuates Violence Bullets whizzing, knives twirling, fists flying -- not an uncommon sight on the television set of today. From cartoons to sitcoms, television shows depict violent acts that go unpunished and contain no painful consequences. This view of the world does not reflect reality nor does it teach our children the values, morals or behaviors we constantly tell them to practice.

      Many parents don't realize that their children view the most violence watching the most innocent. The ever popular television show, NCIS, focuses on solving crimes with naval victims. These crimes have one thing in common: violence. Schulenburg 9 hidden within barrels of toxic material.