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Review of related work which places your issue in context and provides criteria for judging the originality of your project.

CUR - The Council on Undergraduate Research

Review of your techniques and any specialized terminology, making your thesis more accessible to other readers and clarifying your understanding of the material. Thorough presentation of your research- should be described completely, clearly identifying original results by stressing differences with previous related work.

Discussion of results and a critique of the impact on your field. Summary of what was original and significant in your thesis, and suggestions for further research. Personal stories of your experiences would be much appreciated as well! Posting on mobile. Yeah the Honors program does not show up on your transcript or diploma. Honors in the Major does, though. Alright, sounds promising then. Is there an increase in workload or do you just get smaller classes?

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There are NOT the same thing. But they both lead to the same thing -- graduating with Honors distinction. No setbacks.

Once you're in, maintain above a 3. Main benefit is picking your classes on the first day of enrollment. Having a class fill up too fast is never a problem. I was honors and I had the luxury of always having exactly what class I wanted at whatever time I wanted.

Honors Spotlight

Most people would kill for that. Sounds great! Would I be taking different classes than other students?

Or would they be the same classes, but smaller sizes so we get a more personal education with the professor? I did honors in the major and absolutely loved it. It exposed me to so much more then anything else I did in college. If I had to pick one thing that I benefitted most from in college I would say that it was honors in the major, without hesitation.

Honors in the Major | Department of History

It is a LOT of work though, it's definitely not for everyone. Is it a lot compared to regular courses? Is it a lot of easy work? A lot of tedious work? Sorry for asking so many questions, I just want to know everything I possibly can haha.