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As stated above, the MCAT writing sample no longer exists. In fact, there is no free response section on the entire exam. Students do not have to draw out arrow pushing diagrams for a chemical reaction or write out force calculations for a free body diagram.

There are only multiple-choice questions. Magoosh blog comment policy : To create the best experience for our readers, we will only approve comments that are relevant to the article, general enough to be helpful to other students, concise, and well-written!

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Name required. Today we discuss when you should actually void the MCAT. Bryan further explains that, with a void, it essentially never happened. Nobody gets to know it happened, except in two places:. So, to clarify, medical schools will not be able to see that you voided the MCAT.

Bryan thinks this is a ludicrously overpriced practice test. Of course not.

This just strikes him as the height of silliness. However, there is now a window for rescheduling the test which has a cutoff date. I had a student who wanted to reschedule, and she missed the window to reschedule.

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The late registration deadlines are March 26 for the April administration and July 23 for the August administration. If you think a scoring error has occurred, you may request that your multiple-choice answer documents be rescored by hand. Answers recorded in the test book will not be considered in this verification process. The result of rescoring the multiple-choice answer sheets by hand will be reported to you in writing. The response letter will either confirm that your original scores were correct as reported or you will be informed of the corrected scaled scores for each test section.

Struggling to write your med school application essays?

Please note: Answer sheets or test booklets will not be examined for indications of misgridded answers. This is a determination we cannot make. This fee applies whether you want one, two, or all three multiple-choice sections rescored. You may also request that your essays be reevaluated. Essays will be read and graded by an experienced reader external to the original scoring process. Copies of essays will not be released or provided to examinees.

Specify the date of the test and the sections of the test you wish rescored, either the three multiple-choice sections, the essay section, or both. Also, explain why you feel rescoring is necessary.

Medical College Admission Test

The results of rescoring the multiple-choice answer documents will be reported to you about three weeks after we receive and begin processing your request. Due to the time involved in imaging the essays and the nature of the essay scoring process, essay rescoring will require additional time to accomplish.

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However, you will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible. Please note: If rescoring results in scores that are higher or lower, revised score reports will be sent to you. To apply for accommodations, please register online and then send in your documentation, as outlined in the MCAT Disabilities document , to the MCAT program office before the deadline. Individuals who sit for the MCAT should be preparing to apply to a health professions school.

Scoring the MCAT | HowStuffWorks

Your request should include evidence of intent to apply to a health professions school e. This documentation is required each time you wish to retest. AAMC and the MCAT Program Office will use all available and reasonable means to mail scores by first-class mail to examinees approximately 60 days after each test date.

Scores will be available in the Online Testing History system at that time. If you submit your registration to the MCAT Program Office and then, for whatever reason, do not attend the test, you are eligible for a partial refund of your registration fee.

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