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Under Captain Light, Penang was given duty-free status and new arrivals were allowed to claim as much land as they could clear. According to one story, he ended up bombarding it with silver dollars from cannons, in the hope that Malays would clear the forest to retrieve them. Penang, also known as the pearl of the orient, is one of the most touristic locations of Malaysia. The island square meters is situated on the northwest side of the Peninsular Malaysia. There are loads of activities and sights on the island.

Hanging around on the beach is also considered a fine option. About Penang has an eventful history; the diversity of the inhabitants clearly indicates this.

Penang Island As A Popular Tourist Destination Tourism Essay Essay

Penang is especially known as the best place to enjoy wonderful local dishes; it is seen as the food capital of Malaysia. There are many hotels and resorts on the island, most are located in and around the city of Georgetown and around the towns Batu Ferringhi and Tanjung Bungah.

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The diverse menu runs from limejuice spiked with sour plum to duck-meat noodle soup. One is tempted to hang around downtown and eat and eat. The more fastidious might complain that the streets are often shabby and populated by vicious dogs, but the dedicated foodie can look beyond these with little effort. Flycatchers, kingfishers, fairy bluebirds, pheasants and flowerpeckers are just some of the birds on parade at the sanctuary, which is threaded with waterfalls. At time of writing, plans are underway to add a night zoo stocked with nocturnal creatures and tropical insects.

Georgetown Attraction Visiting Georgetown is like visiting a world where time stands still — a world where history, nature and traditions are weaved into a rich cultural tapestry. From heritage buildings to nature parks. This historic town is best enjoyed on foot or trishaw, enabling you to take in the sights and sounds better. For example, Penang Hill was the first colonial hill station developed in Peninsular Malaysia.

It is the last patch of tropical rainforest in Penang so the flora and fauna here have been protected since Georgetown Activities There are plenty of things one can do around Georgetown. The town is filled with historical relics in the form of beautiful colonial buildings, so taking a walk around town can be quite an eye-opening experience, not to mention a pleasant one. From magnificent heritage buildings in the centre of town to lush landscapes from the top of the hills, there are many ways to explore this multi-faceted town. Go by foot or hop on a trishaw, and go to the places the locals like to go to and do as the locals do — no matter what you partake in, the journey never seem to end and the excitement never seems to stop.

Batu Feringghi consists of a long stretch of soft, white sandy beach along a winding road named Jalan Batu Feringghi, soak in the sun or unwind on the beach while you enjoy a host of aquatic thrills from wind-surfing to canoeing. For a spine-tingling adventure, try parasailing to enjoy the view of the beach from the sky. As the sun sets, Batu Ferringhi comes alive with a carnival-like atmosphere with an open-air bazaar selling anything from ornate curios to enticing souvenir items.

Watch local artisans demonstrate the intricate art of craft-making and batik- painting.

Dubbed the Feringghi Walk, the bazaar offers shoppers a host of attractions. Its night market is quite legendary, while its waters are popular spots for a range of water sports activities such as parasailing and windsurfing. Just a short ride away from Batu Ferringhi, the attractions in Teluk Bahang are located close to one another and are mostly nature-based.

Batu Ferringhi Activities Batu Ferringhi is famed for its beaches. Acres and acres of smooth, sandy beaches along its coastline provide the perfect avenue for a variety of beach sports and water sports activities, with a few companies along its length offering such facilities. Foot reflexology and fish spa centres are also aplenty here, with many hotels and resorts along Jalan Batu Ferringhi offering foot massage services. The contrasting beaches of neighbouring Teluk Bahang are popular spots for snorkeling. Beach buggy, horseback riding, Frisbee throwing and beach volleyball are some of the games that are commonly enjoyed here.

There are a few companies along Batu Ferringhi coastline that offer water sports facilities such as jet-skiing, parasailing and deep-sea fishing, such as Wave Runner Watersport Centre. Alternatively, aside from indulging in some physical activities, visitors have been known to come here for a spot of sunbathing or just for lounging and relaxing on the beach.

The beaches of the neighbouring Teluk Bahang has contrasting yet equally beautiful landscape with huge rocks and boulders lacing its coast, offering perfect spots for snorkeling. Bayan Lepas Attraction Bayan Lepas may be a predominantly industrial area, but it also has plenty of noteworthy attractions that are worth your while. For a temple with a difference, head on to the Snake Temple at Sungai Kluang, where you can get a chance to take a picture with its slithery residents.

For something with a difference, take a day trip to Pulau Jerejak, now a beautiful resort island with a wide range of facilities for your recreational needs.

Pearl of the Orient

Offering kayaks, canoes and boats for rent, this centre boasts complete facilities which include shower rooms, camps and hostels. The best thing about this place is that the rates offered are pretty reasonable and affordable. The centre has also played host to a number of water sporting events such as the Dragon Boat Festival; members of the dragon boat teams often come here to train for the competition.

Beach volleyball, beach soccer and spot fishing are also some of the activities available at the centre. The ferry terminal is conveniently connected with the railway station and bus terminal via covered walkways — a rare example of good public transport planning in Malaysia. Caution when using the toilets. The trip across the 3km channel takes about 20 minutes. On a real humid day, this is one very inexpensive way of beating the heat as the cooler sea breezes flow through the relatively open ferry.

Exploring Penang (Georgetown): Things To Do in One Day

Sailing Sailing is a popular activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. There are catamarans and small dinghies available for hire at most of the seaside hotels and resorts. I went there with my friendsfor three days during last school holiday. One of the most tourist attractions in Penang is Penang Bridge.

We can see that it is the longest bridge in Asia country. Then, we continued our journey to Penang Hill. Penang Hill is the most popular with funicular railway. I was so excited to try the funicular railway because I never tried it. As the saying goes, you never know till you have tried.

Penang is also famous for its beautiful beaches, flora and fauna.

40 Best Places to visit in Penang

There is also a historical lighthouse in the park which is accessible through the far end of Teluk Duyung. This lighthouse was built in 9 by the British, it is located metres above sea level. Other famous and beautiful beaches are the Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi. Penang is famous for its festivals throughout the year. The cultural mosaic of Penang naturally means that they are a great many number of festivals to celebrate.

Christmas, Good Friday and Easter are celebrated by Christians. Buddhists observe Wesak Day while the Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi. Many of these festivals are celebrated in a large scale and are also public holidays in Penang. Bon Odori is an annual event held at the Esplanade by the expatriate Japanese population.

A Trip to Penang - Term Paper

Penang cuisine is the cuisine of the multicultural society of Penang. Penang, long known as the food capital of Malaysia, is renowned for its good and varied food.

As the saying goes, east or west, home is best. You may also be interested in the following: thai pongal essay.